D3Y1-K Myojo at Atsugi Japan 1945

D3Y1-K Myojo

Yokosuka D3Y1-K “Venus” at Atsugi Japan 1945

The Yokosuka D3Y1 was intended as a simple wooden version of the D3A but ended up as a new type. Only 2 prototypes and 3 production examples of this design were completed by VJ-Day.
In late 1943, with Japan running out of aluminum, the D3A2-K was selected for redesign using non-strategic materials. That task was assigned to the First Naval Air Technical Arsenal. The original elliptical wings and rounded tail surfaces, judged too complex for wooden construction and assembly by semi-skilled workers, were replaced by straight tapered surfaces. Two D3Y-1K prototypes were built at the Navy arsenal and production of the Navy Type 99 Bomber Trainer was entrusted to Matsushita Koku Kogyo KK (Matsushita Air Industries Co Ltd). Named Myojo, three of these aircraft were completed before the Japanese surrender. Development of a single-seat kamikaze variant was initiated as the D3Y2-K and production was to have been undertaken under the D5Y1 Navy Special Attacker Myojo Kai designation.

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D3Y1-K Myojo at Atsugi Japan 1945

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